Tom Brown
Very cool little space! It was a little in the pricey side, but not enough to keep me from going back.
Suzette S.
My son takes Golf lessons here with Nick and it is great! It's a great place to practice when it's cold, rainy or even in good weather. There are simulators (large screens, projectors, and sensors) that allow you to play and practice golf along with other sports. He showed me that you can play games that include kicking football field goals, soccer, shooting, and archery. I plan to come back with friends and play. You can bring your own drinks and food or buy from their snack area in the lobby. Great service here too!
Robert Cox
Fantastic. Quality simulators, close by, and fair pricing. With more to come.
Jason Dalrymple
Solid spot for a Fantasy Football Draft or other type of get together!
John O'Donnell
Awesome! Just a great space to go and use the simulators, putting green and a really nice spot to host events or get togethers. 5/5!
Harry Jackson
Above Par Golf & Entertainment is exactly what St. Marys county needed. The state of the art virtual simulators paired together with a friendly and knowledgeable staff make this place pretty legit.